Hire Me

I do software consulting work. Here are some things you can hire me for:

  • Search Many clients have troves of data that are within grasp but inaccessible because of inadequate search systems. I can help you optimize your search workflows using Elasticsearch.
  • Application Development I have extensive experience in the Javascript/Typescript/Nodejs ecosystem and am an expert in React.
  • Cloud Architecture I have worked extensively with AWS's broad range of offerings and even have experience implementing completely serverless systems. I can help you navigate this complicated ecosystem.
  • Training If you have a team of developers and need a workshop on React, NodeJS, or Elasticsearch, I can organize an in-person training.
  • Mentorship I developed curriculum for, taught at, and cofounded the Chicago campus of Fullstack Academy. Apart from the 100+ students I mentored there, I've since developed a similar curriculum and guided one motivated student towards full employment as a software developer.

Please reach out at me at [email protected] for rates and timelines.

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