Hire Me

I do software consulting work. Here are some things you can hire me for

  • Search
    Many clients have troves of data that are within grasp but inaccessible because of inadequate search systems. I can help you optimize your search systems using Elasticsearch.

  • Application Development
    I have extensive experience in the Javascript/Typescript/Nodejs ecosystem and am an expert in React.

  • Cloud Architecture
    I have worked extensively with AWS‘s broad range of offerings and even have experience implementing completely serverless systems. I can help you navigate this complicated ecosystem.

  • Training
    I developed curriculum for and taught at Fullstack Javascript at Fullstack Academy for a year and specialize in React, NodeJS, and Elasticsearch training for software companies.

Please reach out at me at [email protected] for rates and timelines.


Freshwater Advisors

My consulting group hired Nick to supervise the rebuild of our core web application. The product had a history of difficulties, and Nick’s efforts guiding the project - and working closely with my team to get us to the point of self-sufficiency - completely transformed our product and saved us a significant amount of money.

It would be easy to be intimidated by Nick’s impressive engineering acumen and depth of expertise, but his genuine curiosity, patience, gift for teaching, and commitment to thoroughness make him both a joy to work with and a rarity in tech consulting.

-David Machajewski, Technology Lead, Freshwater Advisors